Who Are We?

We are a group of undenominational Christians whose goal is to reflect the character of Jesus Christ in our thoughts, actions, words, and lives. By “undenominational,” we mean that we are an independent group of Christians with no organizational or doctrinal ties to any denomination, religious group, or other church. We believe that a person can know God’s will simply by reading the Bible. While we are not perfect, we share a commitment to look to the Bible alone for our authority in teaching and practice. We simply try to understand and follow what it says.

While we come from a variety of backgrounds, what unites us is our need for a Savior and our love for the God who provides for this need through His Son Jesus Christ. We strive to share the love of Jesus by creating an environment of warmth and friendship where everyone is valued and anyone can learn about God. As our guest, we want you to feel comfortable observing, participating in, and asking questions about any of the things you experience during your visit, and we invite you to join us as we try to grow in the grace of God.

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